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Let us help you bring STEM into your classroom

Team Teacher System

We believe in utilizing new technologies and modern teaching modalities to ensure student success. In that spirit, we offer clients real-time access to our teachers through our cutting-edge Team Teacher System. This system involves one of our professional STEM teachers working with the local teacher to teach our lessons. Our teacher leads the class virtually over the internet while the local teacher facilitates the lesson in-person. This team-oriented approach gives students the best possible STEM Lab Kit experience and provides the local teacher with the skills necessary to better teach the lesson again in the future.

As long as you are passionate about STEM education, we are a team!

Online STEM Teacher Training

Get ready for STEM Teacher Professional learning and development (PL& D)

We offer online STEM teacher training that provides teachers with instruction on how to effectively use and teach our kits in a fun and engaging manner. We share our professional teacher trainers (TT) with STEM teachers worldwide in almost any educational setting.

Holiday Theme Workshops

A key part of our mission is to show children that STEM learning can be fun and engaging. One of the ways we accomplish this is through our Holiday Theme Workshops. For many different holidays and festivals, we offer special STEM experiments and activities that combine fun with scientific learning. This allows the children to have lots of fun, while learning a few things too!

STEM Study Scholarships

It is important to reward hard work and incentivize students to continue studying STEM topics and pursue careers in STEM. Therefore, our company offers scholarships to students who complete a prescribed number of our lessons.

Birthday Parties

Are you interested in building your own rocket? pinball machine? tower crane and many more interesting models? Outstanding STEM Study is excited to offer theme birthday parties! Gather all your friends together to a creative, hands-on activities experience at our one-of-a-kind STEM party! Pick a basic theme we have and we will give you a customized party experience based on your age and preferences!

What we offer

  • Party room with party decorations
  • Birthday cake and/or pizza and/or drinks with plates, napkins, cups, and cutlery
  • Special gift for birthday child
  • STEM gift bags for each kid
  • Wifi, coffee, and sweets for parents during the party

STEM Field Trips

Classroom Learning × Real World Possibilities

STEM field trips are no longer limited to science centers! From the interactive and engaging field trip, children get to bring classroom concepts and experiments to life. We have a wide range of topics for the field trip including space museum, water, biodiversity, sustainable features, and etc. Children would see the importance of STEM to everyday life, and encourage them to consider STEM for their future.